Cargo Security

Posted on 12/21/2011

You may think that the biggest measure of thefts in America would relate to robberies or burglaries or even identity thefts, but would it come as a surprise that the largest amount of money involving thefts would mount in stolen freight?  The average monetary loss of freight per motor carrier is an estimated $471,000 with a total of over $50 billion total between all motor carriers!  These statistics leave little room to dispute the reality that cargo security is a serious matter.  What makes freight so desirable?  It has a potential to carry large bulks of high-profit merchandise – from food and clothing, to electronics or cigarettes.  This particular kind of theft places a negative impact on our wallets since businesses lose profit from the stolen freight and both business and consumer have to pay for the stolen merchandise in order to make up for the missing funds.  It is a vicious cycle that can perhaps  be avoided in certain instances.  Most offenders will look for vacant equipment found in places such as truck stops, terminals, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.  In most cases, the occurrence will happen without the presence of violent behavior or weapons; however, there have been a handful of incidences where the attacker worked with a weapon at hand, a trend that many are afraid is on the rise.  So how can YOU protect your cargo, possessions, and potentially even your life?  Follow these three principles of cargo security:  1) Secure the truck.  Always make sure that your truck is locked and all security precautions are followed.  2) Secure the facility.  Know where you are at.  If possible, park in a well-lit space that is easily seen by other individuals.  Did you see security cameras as you were driving in?  Park in a location that places your truck in focus.  3) The less who know, the better.  Disclose information pertaining to all aspects of your freight only to those who absolutely need it.  By keeping some of this vital information confidential, thieves have minimal insight they would need to steal the cargo.   

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